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This site is called seed-connect.be and includes the “SEED” platform. The site and the platform are the property of Co-Prev ASBL (hereinafter referred to as « Co-Prev »), association of occupational health and safety services (hereinafter referred to as « OHS »). This right of ownership generally applies to the general design of the site but in particular to the software, web services, graphic elements, databases, texts and other components that constitute the content of this site and of the platform.

No part of this site and the platform may be reproduced without the prior written consent of Co-Prev.

Co-Prev makes this site and the platform available to OHS as well as authorized third parties.

In execution of the tasks and missions entrusted to them in application of the Codex relative to the wellness of the workers, the OHS keep the information about the employers and workers of those affiliated employers.

The OSH process this data in accordance with the law of December 8th, 1992 relative to the privacy protection in relation to the processing of personal data.


Use of the website:

This website and the platform are managed by Co-Prev. Co-Prev attaches high importance and great care to this web site and the platform and strives to the completeness, accuracy, comprehensiveness, precision and timeliness of the information and that the services work the best way possible. Despite constant efforts, Co-Prev cannot guarantee the completeness, accuracy or precision of the information provided. If the information or data provided on (or via) the website and the platform have shortcomings, Co-Prev will do its utmost to correct this as soon as possible.

The content of the website and the platform (hyperlinks included) may be adapted, modified, completed or deleted without prior notice.

Use of the website means, amongst others:

  • The loading, the connexion
  • The request, consultation, reading, examination of data, to fill in or to send forms or documents available on this site
  • Calling and using the proposed web services
  • The conservation, sending, distribution of data or documents made available on this site



If you find any inaccuracies or omissions when using this site or if you have any questions about the content of the site, you can contact the webmaster via webmaster@seed-connect.be.

Neither Co-Prev nor Co-Prev's affiliated OHS’s guarantee that emails sent or other e-mail messages will be received or processed on time. In addition, neither Co-Prev nor Co-Prev's affiliated OHS is responsible for the consequences of non-receipt or late receipt or non-processing as they have only an obligation of means.

Co-Prev has taken all the necessary measures to secure the website and the platform and to prevent any abuse, in particular about the protection of workers' privacy, conciliations of stakeholders’ interests and commercial confidentiality related to the OHS’ customers. Regarding the access to the platform, the designated administrator of the platform user agrees to create passwords and user names only for employees of his own organization, recognized for accessing the website and platform.

When the employment contract of the recognized employee of the OHS or authorized third party ends, the concerned administrator will directly cancel the password and the user name granted to this collaborator.

In the event of termination of the employment contract of the administrator, the administrator will immediately inform Co-Prev in order to cancel the password and the user name granted to him.

If necessary, Co-Prev always reserves the right to modify or impose changes to user names and / or passwords.

By accessing and using this site, you are assumed to have read and understood these Terms of Use and to accept them without any reserve.

Co-Prev also reserves the right to modify the present terms of use at any time and without prior notice. As a user of this website and this platform, it is your responsibility to consult this web page on a regular basis in order to stay informed of any possible adaptations.

Co-Prev strives to avoid as much as possible interruptions due to technical errors or disruptions. However, Co-Prev cannot guarantee that the website and the platform are totally safe from interruptions, disturbances or other technical problems.

Neither Co-Prev nor Co-Prev's affiliated OHS can be held liable for any direct or indirect damages arising from the use of this website or the information made available on or via the website, including, without limitation, any loss, work interruptions, damage to your programs or other data on the computer system, or your devices or programs. Similarly, Co-Prev or Co-Prev’s affiliated OHS cannot be held responsible for any damage caused or threat of damage resulting from or related to the use of the site or the platform or to the impossibility to access the site or platform.

Any unauthorized or abusive use of the site or its content may be a violation of intellectual property, privacy regulations, publication and / or communication in the widest sense. As a user, you are responsible for everything you do, send, display or broadcast via this website or this platform. You dispense Co-Prev, including Co-Prev employees as well as the Co-Prev’s affiliated OHS, from legal and extrajudicial measures, conviction, etc., including legal costs for any violation of any legal regulations and the rights of third parties when using the site and / or the platform.

If, as a user of this site and the platform, you ignore the rights of Co-Prev or Co-Prev’s affiliated OHS, you agree to fully compensate Co-Prev and / or affiliated OHS, for any damage that may result.

When it is established that any user of this website or platform is responsible for any fault, negligence or breach of any of the provisions of the present conditions is established, Co-Prev may unilaterally and immediately suspend access to the platform and may, if necessary, cut it off by means of a prior registered letter containing the breaches and this, without being liable to pay damages and provided that all its rights to compensation are maintained.


Hyperlinks and references:

This site contains hyperlinks and references to other websites. In this way, you are referred to third-party information sources. Co-Prev does not have any means of technical control or content and therefore cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the content of these sources of information nor their availability. Hyperlinks to other sites do not endorse such external sites and related files. The links are provided for informational purposes only and for your ease of use. As a result, neither Co-Prev nor the Co-Prev’s affiliated OHS can be held liable for any damages that may arise during the consultation of such external sites and their content.


Log files:

When you visit the site and on the platform, all your actions are saved in log files on the web server. Co-Prev limits itself to the data necessary for the correct functioning of the website and the portal and the data necessary to detect possible abuses. Under no circumstances will Co-Prev make log files or other information about users of the website and the platform available to third parties for commercial purposes.



In accordance with Article 129, 1 ° of the Law on electronic communications of 13 June 2005, Co-Prev wishes to inform you about the use of cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed on the computer's hard disk of the visitors of the website and the platform. They contain information such as your language preference so that you do not have to give back this information during your next visit of the website.

It is possible that during the visit of this website and of the platform, a cookie is taken up on the hard disk of your computer. Cookies facilitate the visit of this site and are necessary for the proper functioning of the platform. Co-Prev does not, however, link the information stored by the cookies to the personal data of any visitor of the site. On his website, the following types of cookies are used:

Cookies required from a technical point of view

These are cookies that are strictly necessary for the functioning of the website. Without these cookies, the website and the platform would not work as it should. Therefore, these cookies cannot be disabled.

Functional or session cookies

These are cookies that are intended to improve the functionality of the website and the platform. It may, for example, be cookies that retain what content has already been viewed on the website. The use of functional cookies ensures that you do not waste time in having to register again and to reintroduce data.

Avoid or delete cookies

  • Avoid:

This is possible thanks to an appropriate setting via the browser's internet options. To do this, use the "privacy" tab to specify which cookie you want to receive or not.

  • Delete:

It is also possible via the browser's internet options, via "delete browsing history".

However, we recommend that you leave cookies active in the browser.

General rules:

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